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YHWH, also commonly known as God, is an alien being from somewhere else. He has no real physical form but resides in Etamenanki in the form of a giant computer-robot. The entire universe was created just to test an equation that he had fashioned, and he cares nothing for the suffering and injustice endured by humans and angels alike.


YHWH created the six-winged angel Adam Kadmon in order for Adam Kadmon to "step-in" whenever he (God) was "sleeping". From Adam, he forcibly cut off parts of the angel's body to experiment further with the creation of twin angels Alexiel and Rosiel, who were each born with three wings and had Adam's powers equally divided between them. However, YHWH feared if the siblings were ever united as allies, they would collectively rise up against him, thus he engineered a false animosity between them to keep them separated forever. While Alexiel was born with a healthy angelic body with normal physical attributes, Rosiel was not and lived in constant torment and agony from his monstrous features. YHWH allowed Alexiel to use parts of her body to grow a healthier body for her brother, but as the price, he told her she wasn't allowed to ever show her familial love for Rosiel and that if she did ever declare her love for him, he would kill Rosiel. Alexiel agreed because she truly loved her brother, resulting in her imprisonment in the Garden of Eden by YHWH and her coerced shunning of Rosiel, who was led to believe by YHWH that Alexiel despised and hated him for being so beloved by YHWH.

In the end, God is defeated by Setsuna with the help of Lucifer. Whether or not he was "killed" is never revealed as the universe did not cease to exist upon his defeat, and it remains unclear whether the unconscious mind of YHWH is still functioning.

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