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Angel Sanctuary Character
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Title(s):Heaven's Prime Minister
Heaven's Prime Minister, Sevothtarte, rules while Rosiel is sealed. While he claims he is doing this in the name of God, he is actually pursuing his goals to "purify" Heaven. He is the guardian of the Great Seraphim Metatron, who should really be running Heaven. Sevothtarte is a cold and frightening dictator whose intentions are always hidden. Also, only his eyes can be seen, for he wears a veil and a helm. He's often at odds with Rosiel after the Inorganic Angel's return to Heaven.

It is revealed that he was actually Lailah in disguise. The helm was to hide Lailah's cross-shaped scar, while the veil was used to conceal her brand as a fallen angel and a mechanical device which changes her voice to that of a man's. Lailah was an angel scientist who was raped by a group of angels who were jealous of her success, thus transgressing the laws of Heaven. When another angel (NidHegg) comes to save her, she wounds him and frames him for the crime. The act made her 'impure' and she was branded a fallen angel. NidHegg was sentenced to having his wings cut off. Although she was in love with Zaphikel, he was with her best friend, Anael, so she could never have him. Before she was found out, Lailah believed wholly in the purity of Heaven, and this is why Sevothtarte attempts to purify heaven. After she is branded and disgraced, she sells herself to Sandalphon in order to be reborn into something pure.

During the trial of Jibril/Sara Mudo, Uriel and Raphael turn on him and expose him as a fake. In truth the real Sevothtarte died in the war while Lailah assumed his identity. When the court room collapses Sevothtarte/Lailah loses his/her mask and Setsuna sees the true "Sevothtarte". Sandalphon finds Lailah in a room of dead soldiers and drives her insane by showing her visions of what she did to Zaphikel. He the rapes her and impregnates her, hoping the child she bears will be his new body. She is then imprisoned in a tower with only one window for punishment and her astral powers are sealed so that she can't fly away. The spirit of NidHegg then visits Lailah to tell her that he still loves her, even though she hated him. As he turns to leave, Lailah sees the blood on the back of his shirt where his wings were taken off. She then jumps out of the tower, holding NidHegg, to her death. Later on, their spirits visit Metatron when he is close to death from a wound from Lucifer, and they seem to be happy together and finally at peace.

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