Sara Mudo
Angel Sanctuary Character

Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Light Brown

Family:Mrs. Mudo (mother)

Unnamed Father

Setsuna Mudo / Alexiel (brother and lover)

Friends:Ruri Saiki

Archangel Raphael

Sara Mudo (無道 紗羅 Mudō Sara) is the main love interest and sister of Setsuna Mudo. She is actually the reincarnation of the Archangel Gabriel, who was born to protect Alexiel . 


Sara is very beautiful and looks almost like her older brother. She has brown eyes like him and long wavy golden brown hair. She is mostly seen her school uniform and her hair wrapped in a long braid.


Sara has a similar personality to her brother, Setsuna. Like him, she is hot-tempered and stubborn. Although appearing sweet and innocent, she has a fierce temper and sharp tongue. This often leads her to get unwanted admiration and attention from others, especially Raphael, who believes he is in love with her. She often scolds Setsuna for getting into fights and Sakuya for convincing Setsuna to get involved in Sakuya's messes. She often hits Setsuna when he says or does something stupid to her without a second thought. Despite the way she treats him, she truly cares about her brother and wants to spend as much of her time with him as she can. She calls their once a month get-togethers "dates" and gets mad when he fails to show up on time. She makes it obvious that she is in love with her own brother before he does, even disregarding her mother and schools' Christian beliefs. While Setsuna initially has doubts in their relationship, she is more confident in it, even though she knows it will have grave consequences. Sara has a pure heart and deep love for those she cares about and is very loyal.


Years before the series began, Sara always had a close relationship with her brother. As children, she stuck by him and admired him for always protecting her. It may have appeared to be that of a sister having a brother complex. But when they were around ten, when she cried over getting her new kimono dirty, he gave her a plastic red ring to cheer her up. She happily accepted the toy and cherished it with all her heart. This may have been the first real sign of her developing romantic feelings for him. By the time they reached middle school, their parents divorced and she went to live with her mother. While talking with Setsuna, who talked about running away, she said she wanted to run away with him and they were gone for two days. After being caught and returned to their parents, they decided to secretly see each other once a month. This may have led them to develop romantic feelings since they get to only see each other once every month.


Sara is 15 when she is first introduced. She often smacks and scolds Setsuna for getting into fights and accuses him of wanting to fight rather than see her. It is obvious from the start that she is in love with her brother, but passes it off as a severe brother complex. However, when she feigns sleeping and lets Setsuna kiss her, she defends him to her mother and admits that she loves him. She is heartbroken when Setsuna says that he was simply toying with her without knowing he said this to allow Sara to live a normal life, and reluctantly agrees to her mother's plan to move to England to marry some stranger in order to forget him. However, when he comes to the airport and confesses his love to her and asks her to run away with him, she embraces him and says that all she needs is him.

They flee Tokyo for several days and sleep together, making her cry that they have ultimately sealed their fate as sinners but is happy. When they decide to return to Tokyo, they encounter a woman, who turns out to be Archangel Candidate Kirie that kills Sara, who sacrificed herself to protect Setsuna.

Her soul goes to Hell, temporarily, though she eventually ends up in Heaven, where she finds out that she is Gabriel , the angel of Water. In the form of Gabriel, she is forced to stand trial by Sevothtarte for committing incest with her brother. When Raphael alleges that the fetus he presented as evidence was the child of her and Setsuna, she is horrified, but is later relieved when Raphael confesses that it was fake to fool the court. She comes close a number of times to reuniting with Setsuna, but each is unsuccessful. By the end of the series, she is brainwashed by Sandalphon and believed that she is truly pregnant with his child. Setsuna appears as a monster to Sara, but towards the end she is able to break the curse over herself and see Setsuna as he truly was. She decides to live as a mortal, and Setsuna and Sara eventually reunite on Earth, smiling.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Japanese: Ayako Kawasumi
  • English: Tara Jayne
  • French: Nathalie Homs
  • Spanish: Noemi Bayarri (Spain dub)
  • Italian: Letizia Scifoni
  • Italian: Rubina Kuraoka


  • Voiced by Tara Jayne in the English dub OAV
  • Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi
  • Sara is 15 years old at the start of the story
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