Angel Sanctuary Character

Race:Grigori (formerly)

Angel (Sister)

Friends:Sara Mudo
A former Grigori that was turned into a "Sister" by Sevothtarte to take care of Sara after awakening in Jibril's body. She is a "Staker", a sister who has been lobotomized so that she will not disobey the orders of her masters. Thus, she has a very childlike personality and is very fearful of Sevothtarte. Initially she was only called "Sister" until she brings Sara a bouquet of Moonlilies, she remarks that they are her favorite. So Sara names her Moonlil after the flower and Moonlil has since nicknamed herself "Lil-chan" as a result. When Sara (as Jibril) escapes before her trial, Sevothtarte holds Moonlil captive in order to lure Sara back.

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