Mad Hatter
Angel Sanctuary Character
Mad hatter2

Race:Angel (formerly)


Hair Color:Red

Belial, also known as the Mad Hatter, is one of the Seven Satans, representing Pride, and the Court Jester of the lowest layer of Hell, Sheol. Their real name is Belial, and they were formerly a member of the order of Virtues and the deputy of Raphael in Heaven.


At the time, Belial believed they were supposed to become a woman, as all angels are born sexless and their true gender only manifested fully later in adulthood. However, they took pills to halt the process, leaving them with an androgynous body.

While still an angel in Heaven, they enjoyed seducing and tempting angels into sexual depravity with them, for their own amusement and to prove that the so-called purity that people tried to live by was corruptable. They are also responsible for Raphael's later in life womanizing behavior which stemmed from Raphael's hatred for women, due to Belial humiliating him with the truth of his own deep-seated desires for carnal pleasures.

A pivotal moment in one Belial's carnal games resulted in them meeting the man they would become wholly devoted to: Lucifer. At the time, Belial was actively sleeping with two men and after allowing both of them to find out about the other, one of the men killed the other. The remaining man, full of guilt and on the brink of obsession towards Belial, asked them to kill him. Belial refused and instead coldly told him to die on his own, which he did by shooting himself. It was in the aftermath of this that Lucifer saw Belial and immediately expressed disgust and revulsion for them. Belial was shocked and awed by Lucifer's brunt honesty in seeing them for who they truly were and begged to be told more about how worthless they were. Because of Lucifer's unyielding rejection of them, Belial swore themself to follow him always with the intent of one day making him fall to his knees for them instead. After becoming a demon, Belial later goes on to search for and chooses Lucifer's brides, because they love Lucifer themself. Nonetheless, they have also said that the day Lucifer ever reciprocates their love, they can die happily, while also simultaneously no longer desiring him and growing to hate him, as he will be like the others before him who all fell in love with them.

They have a tattoo of a butterfly on their upper-thigh, which also gives them the nickname "The Mad Butterfly." Mad Hatter also has a habit of taunting Setsuna and his friends, particularly Sakuya, who has another identity which he doesn't know: Lucifer, Ruler of the 9 Hells.

Later, after Setsuna's destruction of YHWH, Mad Hatter withdraws the forces of Hell away from Heaven, thus forming a truce between the two realms.

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