Archangel Raphael
Angel Sanctuary Character
Raphael by mangacrack-d2yy9sv

Hair Color:Blond

Title(s):Chief of the Virtues

Archangel of Wind

Status:Alive (comatose)
Friends:Archangel Michael
Raphael is the Archangel of Wind and Chief of the Virtues in Heaven. Despite his brazen and lecherous womanizing behavior, he is exceptionally gifted in the art of healing and is the only one with the power to truly bring back the dead. He is best friends with Archangel of Fire, Michael.


In Heaven, when Raphel is approached by Sara who begs him to bring Setsuna back to life, he agrees to oblige if she sleeps with him. Later, Sara intuitively guesses that Raphael has a deeper reason for why he treats women so badly. This proves to be true, as his behavior stems from his former deputy, Belial, who, before falling and becoming one of the Seven Satans of Hell, introduces him to his own denied desires for carnal pleasures and humiliates him in the eyes of all the angels after her lewd acts are exposed. Sara helps him resolve this, which is one of the reasons he comes to love her.

Raphael tells Sara that after the incident with Belial he was shunned by everyone except Michael. Michael just continued to act as if nothing was different and considering how Michael seems oblivious to anything that happens in Heaven that doesn't involve warfare, he may have indeed not known what was going on. Micheal's personality was a great deal of comfort to Raphael, who says that "he pulled me to life from all those years and months of desolation." Raphael has also stated that he can not forgive the one thing that changes Michael into a different person, Michael's brother Lucifer.

During the Battle of Etenamenki, Raphel comes to realize that he has loved Barbiel, his second-in-command, all along without being aware of his own true feelings for her up until then. He used up his powers to save her life, and in return, goes into "hibernation" or "cold sleep" for 10 years.

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