Angel Sanctuary Character

Eye Color:Azure
Hair Color:Azure

Title(s):Chief of the Cherubim

Archangel of Water

Status:Alive (comatose)
Friends:Alexiel / Setsuna Mudo (love interest)

Archangel Raphael (ally)

Gabriel, also known as Jibriel, was formerly the Chief of the Cherubim, before being rendered comatose and imprisoned in the Water Garden by Sevothtarte. Her soul was forced to be Alexiel's guardian angel and reincarnated as Sara Mudo because Sevothtarte saw her as an obstacle in his path to absolute power.


She is said to be serious, orderly, and prone to give lectures to the other angels. When reincarnated into Sara Mudo, she became more fragile and prone to outbursts. The order-minded personality is expressed in her mortal incarnation when Sara tends to scold Setsuna when he acts impulsively. She cried in heaven in front of Raphael, and it surprised him because he would never expect to see this solemn angel showing this kind of emotion openly. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is beautiful and has long azure hair, and eyes in the same color. Despite those differences, her face shape is identical to her mortal reincarnation Sara Mudo.


She is the Archangel of Water and is known to humans as Gabriel. She was unhappy with the politics of Heaven, showing opposition to various council decisions so she was strategically forced to reincarnate as a human under the justification of protecting Alexiel by Sevothtarte, who saw her an enemy.  She then was born as Sara Mudo, the younger sister of Setsuna, the current reincarnation of Alexiel.  What was not planned is that her mortal incarnation, without knowing about her own past, would fall in love with Setsuna. Their love was incestuous and forbidden, so intuitively Gabriel sacrifices her own life to break the curse that was laid upon Alexiel, in which she would reincarnate as a human eternally, always having a tragic life.  

Upon Sara's mortal death in Assiah, Sara goes to Hell for having sinned by committing incest, but being recognized as an angel, she is brought back to Heaven where she awakens in Gabriel's body after a needle in the back of Gabriel's body is removed. There she pretends to be a naive blind girl without memories, with the intention of indirectly helping Alexiel. She was aware that if she showed to be harmless, she will not be in such danger. Knowing that Setsuna's soul returned again to Alexiel's angelic body but is not happy with the situation and would like to return to her human form of Sara Mudo, she tries to convince Raphael to resurrect Setsuna's body. Later, in a trial engineered by Sevothtarte to get rid of Gabriel, she is also forced on a trial in Heaven for committing incest, and she is shocked when a dead fetus that is supposedly her unborn child with Setsuna is shown as proof of her sin.

After Raphael restores Gabriel's soul to Sara's body again, the angel's soulless body is placed in the Water Garden again. It can be assumed that, after Sara dies in her normal life, she will return to Gabriel's body, this time with all of her memories. Resolving to live as the human Sara, she decides to spend the rest of her remaining mortal life with Setsuna. Gabriel was one of the few angels to see the Grigori and be aware of their suffering; she cried for their hopeless plight.


  • In the manga, Gabriel is female. But in some beliefs, Gabriel is either male or androgynous.
  • She is close to her angel member Metatron.
  • She is an elemental archangel/angel (water) along with Raphael (wind), Uriel (earth) and Michael (fire).
  • It's not known what kind of relationship she had with Alexiel prior her reincarnation as Sara Mudo. 
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