Angel Sanctuary Character

Hair Color:Brown

Six (Later)


Title(s):Organic Angel

Family:Rosiel (twin brother)

Adam Kadmon (parent)

Friends:Lucifer (love interest)

Archangel Gabriel (love interest)
Kurai (ally)
Archangel Uriel (ally)

Alexial is the Organic Angel and the older of the two twin angels. She was loved by the angels Uriel, Gabriel and the demon Lucifer, though she claims the one she loves most is God. In truth, the one she loved most was actually Rosiel (Alexiel's twin brother); though not in the incestuous way that Sara Mudo and Setsuna Mudo (Alexiel's mortal reincarnation) love each other. She was one of the two highest angels in Heaven who has 3 wings.

Alexiel, who fought against heaven, never became a demon. She formed an alliance with the race of Evils - part demons who lived in Jahannam, the top layer of Hel; Alexiel was caught, judged and branded fallen. The reasons that were behind her rebellion were that:  she dreamed of creating a better Paradise, one that won't be ruled by God, who didn't allow Angels to love each other in a Sexual way, or have children of their own outside the laboratories where he experiments on creating the perfect creatures. For another, she was jealous that God preferred Rosiel other than her.

Appearance Edit

Alexiel is a beautiful female and "positive" Organic Angel with flowing brown hair, piercing eyes sometimes depicted as brown or blue and 3 wings that is halved from Adam Kadamon's. Alexiel's body can't heal the Fallen mark on her chest, left by a brand which was heated in holy flame, and the calluses on her hands from constantly wielding a sword forged of the fifth element. She once claimed her desire to be born as a warrior man to Kurai, which ironically was attended in her current reincarnation as Setsuna Mudo when she finally woke up as messias. Her incarnations are gender at random, and always share her facial features.

Personality Edit

Alexiel was created to adore god, and is shown to be full of love and compassion always loving Rosiel (Alexial's twin brother), forgiving Ulliel and looking at the demons as equals. Lucifer described her as a cold woman, but actually she is full of compassion and burning emotions. Alexiel made a deal with God - He would preserve her twin brother Rosiel's life, as long as she never showed compassion for him. Faced with her brother's despair, Alexiel shut out all emotions in order to cope. While being Setsuna Mudo, the most obvious trait shared is the bloodlust when involved in fights.

When Setsuna, her current mortal reincarnation, is dead, the soul returns to her original body, and there appears to be no abrupt personality change, she has gradual access to her memories but does not know what to do with it. But when Setsuna's body falls on the Lethe River and she has full access to recollection of past events, she seems to act more easily revealing important information to other characters.

Background Edit

Born from Adam Kadmon to love God, Alexiel rebels against him because of the love she has for Rosiel that she is forced to conceal her feelings under the threat that Rosiel would be killed the moment God heard any declarations of love from Alexiel to her brother. She is also sentenced to be confined in Briah, the Angel's Garden (Eden), and forced to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life. This act is damning her, because the tree is grown from part of Adam Kadmon's body - she is technically eating the flesh of her parent. It is also in Eden where Alexiel and Lucifer first meet.

After God had revealed his fate to Lucifer, that he would be the purest form of evil in the world to make God himself appear greater, Lucifer wanted to take revenge by corrupting and killing God's "beloved" daughter. After speaking with her, he changes his mind and promises to break her out of Eden, which he later does. This, however leads to the erasing of his memories and imprisonment of his soul into the sword Nanatsusaya, which Alexiel later finds and fights with.

When she seals Rosiel away, she is imprisoned and tried by the High Council for her actions. After lying that the one she loved most was God, Uriel sentences her body to be imprisoned in the angel crystal while her soul is endlessly reincarnated into a human; each of her lives are to be miserable and end in a painful death.

Of the former reincarnations of Alexiel, it's known she was once reborn in the feudal era of Japan, Alexiel was incarnated a young prostitute who had fallen in love with a samurai. So she decided to run away with him since her keepers would never allow her to marry him. Soon later, her keepers found out and killed the samurai. Lucifer's spirit came into the dying body and used that body to grant the last wish the samurai had: which was to kill the prostitute mercifully before her keepers get to her. Before fulfilling the samurai's wish, he made love to the prostitute.


Setsuna Mudo is the current reincarnation of Alexiel, and has awakened as the savior, so he has access to all of Alexiel's powers. While in the human body, Alexiel has an intuitive knowledge of the past and her destiny, but her human needs prevents from seeing the whole situation completely. When Setsuna is killed by Boyz, the soul returns to the mythological body of Alexiel, the information she needs appears in her mind  naturally, but also there's recollection of past lives that pop up without her will and they are not welcomed. Also being born as a man in the current life, she doesn't feel  comfortable having a female body, so she urges to go back to her current human form. Alexiel regains her full memories when Setsuna body falls into the river Lethe in hell, so her mortal consciousness that repressed memories is freed, then she reveals Lucifer's true identity to him, moments before  her soul return to the resurrected body of Setsuna.  

The second time Alexiel return with her full power is  at the end when Rosiel  as the angel of the apocalypse, destroyed Setsuna's body to make Alexiel wake up again, and then she confesses her love to Rosiel, kills him, and absorbs his decaying body into her womb. There, her organic powers will constantly regenerate him, forever. Alexiel's body sleeps forever, but the angels pray that one day in the future she will open her eyes again. She caress her former lover Lucifer, calling him "foolish man", and so her soul returns to the body of Setsuna, where she decides to return to earth and live this reincarnation along with Sara Mudo, who is actually the human incarnation of the angel Gabriel whose protected her, making sacrifices to break the circle of reincarnations  in which Alexiel  would always reborn as a human and die a painful death without ever knowing who she actually is. She is the first of the creator's attempts to split the powers of the Seraphita.  

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