Adam Kadamon Seraphita
Angel Sanctuary Character


Title(s):The Holy Hermit

Family:Alexiel (daughter)

Rosiel (son)

Adam Kadamon Seraphita, also called The Holy Hermit, is the only success in God's experiment to create a Seraphita with six wings.


In Heaven, angels have long believed Adam gave birth to the two most powerful angels in existence, Alexiel and Rosiel, who were each born with three wings, thus dividing his power between them. However, the actual truth is revealed much later, in that God created them by cutting off parts of Adam. His body was made into Alexiel and Rosiel, while his "evil" left eye was planted and the Tree of Life grew from it. This left Adam alive but only with his head as the remaining part of his original body.

On Assiah, Adam appears as a serene, angelic holy spirit who tasks Setsuna with a mission to free him before God realizes his transgression. Setsuna does free him, but this is revealed to be an imposter who only cares for destruction. The real Adam Kadmon, now only a living head, exists as part of the Tree of Life, meaning that as each angel is born they are in fact eating him, a major crime among angels. He, unlike his creator, displays love and affection for all things, working in secret to create peace and end the war between Heaven and Hell.

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