Mrs. Mudo
Angel Sanctuary Character


Family:Setsuna Mudo (son)

Sara Mudo (daughter)

Setsuna and Sara's mother. When Setsuna was a small child, Mrs Mudo began to notice that he was under a mysterious protection that prevented him from falling ill or being injured in accidents. A strict Christian, Mrs Mudo rejected her son, sensing that he was somehow "evil". Following her divorce from her husband, Mrs Mudo takes great lengths to separate Setsuna from his sister, especially after she catches him kissing Sara in her sleep. Determined to sever the relationship between Setsuna and Sara, Mrs Mudo makes plans to take Sara away to England and have her marry the son of a businessman. However, Setsuna catches them at the airport, where he confesses his undying love for Sara in front of them both. Sara leaves her tearful mother behind, and the two run away.

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